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Paulina Braiz-Harb wants to make every woman's dream come true with the opening of her exceptional boutique located in downtown Birmingham.

Originally from Venezuela, owner and designer, Paulina started designing dresses at the age of 11 and finally opened her first retail store in the summer of 2008 in Birmingham.

The minimalist concept behind the store's clean white walls with accents of turquoise throw pillows and rugs, allows for each piece of merchandise to speak for itself. The store has an almost tropical feel to it, which Paulina says comes from her Venezuelan roots.

Every design is unique and no two dresses are identical. All of her dresses are hand made and each piece of jewelry hand glued. The use of sheer fabrics that create movement in a dress is one of the favorite elements of her designs. Paulina draws inspiration from the shape and personality of all women. "There is a dream behind each dress," Paulina says.

In addition to her own designs, Paulina carries one other line of dresses made by Angel Sanchez- designer to several celebrities and the creator of Eva Longoria and Sandra Bullock's wedding gowns.

Along with a designer dress you must have exquisite accessories. To accompany the beauty of each dress, Paulina collaborated with fashion designer Lucia Rodriguez to create a line of shoes. Each sole is hand painted to match the fabric of the shoe. She even created a collection of mother-daughter styles.

To complete the couture ensemble, Paulina carries jewelry hand made with precious stones, and set in 24 karat gold made by the same creator of the crown for the Miss Venezuelan pageant. All of the pieces in her store are made to reach women of every age, shape and style. "We cater to the world," said Paulina. For the next special occasion you want exclusive couture, this one of a kind boutique is where you will find it. "A dream becomes a reality... if I don't have it, I'll make it." Paulina exclaimed.

Written by Kristen Japowicz

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